Our Process

Step 1. Book your appointment

Step 2. Prepare your space

Step 3. We capture your property

people and pets need to be absent

Step 4. Sell your property!

95% of buyers are more likely to inquire about properties with a virtual tour

Pre-Shoot Checklist for homeowner

Show your house in the best possible light


  • Put cars in the garage or park them off site
  • Bring garbage cans inside the garage
  • Rake leaves
  • Clear/Plow walkways
  • Wind up hoses
  • Clear away debris
  • Cut/Trim landscaping
  • Put away lawn tools
  • Tidy patio furniture
  • Remove dog kennels/toys
  • Grills should be clean or covered, tools removed
  • Arrange potted plants
  • Straighten outdoor mats


  • Sweep/Mop all hard surface floors
  • Vacuum all carpets/rugs
  • Remove Clutter
  • Clean windows/mirrors
  • Open blinds/curtains
  • Roll up cables/cords
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Change any burnt out bulbs
  • Straighten blankets and pillows on couches


  • Clean/Wipe down counter spaces
  • Remove personal affects from counter/fridge
  • Stow away small appliances and cleaning tools
  • Put away all dishes
  • Remove all dog bowls from floor


  • Make all beds
  • Remove personal affects/photographs from nightstands
  • Close all dresser drawers
  • Remove hampers and trash cans


  • Remove all toiletry products from counter
  • Stow away all hair tools
  • Close toilet lid
  • Towel should be clean and straightened

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