Terms and Conditions

Booking – Appointments can be booked using our online scheduling portal or by calling the number listed in the Contact Us section. Insight 360 Tours LLC will assist the Client to determine optimal weather/lighting at time of confirmation, however the Client is responsible for ensuring the property is ready at the time of the appointment.
Cancellation/Rescheduling – If the Client wishes to cancel or reschedule an appointment, they may do so at no charge by giving us a 24-hour advanced notice. All appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24-hour notice will result in a $100 cancellation fee. There are times when severe weather may interrupt or prevent a timely job completion. In these cases, we’ll allow job rescheduling at no cost even within the 24-hour window. If the property is inaccessible at the time of the appointment, the Client has 30 minutes to correct the issue or will be subject to a $100 no-show fee.
Payments – Project must be paid for in full before delivery of finished marketing assets.
Travel – In Ohio, we primarily cover Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage, and Trumbull counties, we also service several counties in western PA, However, for jobs located far outside our service area, we may add a small travel fee to compensate for longer driving time and gas charges: $79 (between 30 to 50 miles one way) and $129 (over 50 miles one way).
Liability and Insurance: Insight 360 Tours LLC is covered under a $1M general business liability policy that can be provided upon request. Drone operators are licensed by the FAA and will use their best judgement in determining whether a property is safe for this service.
Property Condition – The Client is responsible for having the property ready for the appointment by the start of said appointment. All cars are to be removed from the driveway and all FOR SALE signs must be removed from the front yard prior to exterior shooting. All interior lights are to be turned on prior to interior shooting. Insight 360 Tours LLC will not change/clean/rearrange any item or piece of furniture. The property will be shot as is. A property checklist is available for the property owner to reference in preparation for the shoot. Insight 360 Tours LLC is not responsible for locking any doors or windows and will not shut off any lights or fireplaces upon exiting the property.
Digital Asset Ownership and Licensure – All photos and videos and rights relating to them, including copyrights and ownership rights, remain the sole and exclusive property of Insight 360 Tours LLC. The contract permits the Client the limited right to publicly display and distribute the photos and videos only for promotional advertising purposes directly related to the sale of the property. All digital assets are a single-use license which means they are not to be duplicated, edited, transformed, changed, or manipulated in any way. These photos and videos are not to be sold to any 3rd party without consent from Insight 360 Tours LLC.
Service Expectations – We make every effort to deliver all materials within 2-5 days after the appointment of the 3D/drone/video shoot, but we cannot guarantee it. In rare occasions (and especially with large properties), it might take a little bit longer for us to postprocess all materials. Photography assets are typically delivered within 24 hours of the appointment. All delivered materials are considered complete and any requested changes may incur additional fees. If a reshoot is requested, the appointment fees will be the same as a new appointment. Floorplans are an approximation and are for reference use only. Insight 360 Tours LLC does not guarantee the exact square footage listed in the floorplans.

3D Virtual Tours
Property Conditions – Our photographers analyze all the property areas before starting the service. If an area has limited or difficult access, to maintain our standard deliverable and Virtual Tour flow, our photographer uses his expertise before deciding to scan it or not. Due to our 3D cameras’ technology, if the property’s exterior lights are too bright, only indoors areas can be scanned. In that case, we take 360-degree snapshots that will be added separately and can be viewed in the 3D Matterport Virtual Tours. In rare occasions (overcast days, shaded areas,
sunrise or sunset times), it might be possible to include parts of the exteriors directly in the 3D Virtual Tour path, but it is certainly never guaranteed. A complete 3D scan can only be accomplished between connected spaces. Detached garages, backyard sheds, guesthouses or separate units cannot be accessible via the standard 3D Virtual Tour path. In this case, it will be shown as a 360-degree photo, included in the highlight reel. If the client desires a 3D Virtual Tour instead of 360-degree photos, an additional 3D Virtual Tour space will be created specifically for these structures with additional service fees.
Service Expectations – 3D Virtual Tours cannot be edited. A 3D scan is NOT a video. It is recommended that clients prepare properties or businesses before the 3D scanning takes place by removing personal items or anything that clients do not want to appear in the 3D Virtual Tour.
Project Hosting – 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate properties will be hosted for free for the first 6 (six) months after the delivery (typical listing period). 3D Virtual Tours for Businesses will be hosted for free for the first 12 (twelve) months after the delivery. At the end of the initial period, the 3D Virtual Tour links will become inactive and no longer visible online. Clients may then extend the cloud hosting period for either $12 per month, $69 for a 6-month period or $129 for a 12-month period. If 15 days after expiration, the cloud hosting was not renewed, the 3D Virtual Tour will then be deleted from the servers. Once deleted, it cannot be retrieved, and a new 3D Virtual Tour will need to be purchased if the client later decides to have a 3D Virtual Tour of the same space.

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